Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Reflections - Day 1

Today has been a day which has been pretty mixed and unique for me, for I formed a few more key opinions mostly and I learnt more from lessons. From the plenary lessons, I learnt alot more about some geographical aspects of the world, about nanoparticles (my personal favourite), and about animation through technology. Though they may be nothing I would personally take an effort to read up on, they were real eye openers for me and I found them pretty amazing, and impressive, which now makes me compelled to read up more.

On a more personal note, after dinner, we got scolded by the teachers, as many people were talking and not caring or being situationally aware, which was made worst when we had 9 people turning up late, some even barely seeming rushed or pressurized to rush to the hall.

Obviously what these people did was wrong on all scales, as the people talking should have been aware of their surroundings, and should have had the discipline to keep quiet as we were waiting for the speaker to talk while those turning up late were equally as bad, as to me punctuality is extremely important and is important for creating the important impressions as the teachers have stated, and is just basic courtesy. Many ere actually talking the whole day and honestly already had it coming. Again as with the teachers said it was disgraceful, however

However, I was left with things to think over after the lecture we received, and will leave it with this question as I hope it will be pondered over with serious thought:

Is it worth throwing away a basket of apples just because we have possibly have a few ones or even a majority are that are judged as rotten, and is it fully reasonable to avoid a fruit store because it has stocked a rotten one before on its display?

However, majority or not, in my opinion, all of these can obviously be fixed. (Noone is truly rotten here, just probably dirty at most). I also feel that taking time to scold an entire level for something caused by a minority (i.e: latecomers) is a waste of time, as the only benefit it will have is perhaps making the latecomers feel ashamed (or to a lesser extent humiliated). Apart from that plus it brings, I feel it barely has no other true benefit worth investing the combined time of 190-odd students, taking perhaps each 5-10 minutes from them.

However obviously if anyone does something wrong, it is only right the face whatever consequences, and that is not something anyone should ever dispute.

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